Not A Hero - Countdown to Launch on Steam

Indie devs Roll7, creators of skateboarding game olliolli, have been hard at work on their next game, Not A Hero which launches on Steam on May 7th. A manic 2 1/4D pixel art run'n'gun with a top soundtrack to boot, you control the security forces of a mayoral candidate called bunnylord... From the future!

Next Level Shootouts – Use reasonable force unreasonably in a dynamic mix of run-and-gun gameplay and cover-based shootouts. The intuitive quick-snap cover system lets you slide, roll, and dive into cover, dodging enemy fire before fighting back with tackles, executions, and 100s of bullets.

Roster of Not Heroes - Select between 9 different heroes, each with their own distinct gameplay style and crime murdering abilities. Blast the city’s scum through doors with Cletus’ a shotgun, slice them in half with Kimmy’s katana dash, or simply bash crime in it’s terrible face with Ronald’s hammer.

Dynamic Missions – Go ham on primary objectives and (sometimes random) secondary goals but be prepared for unexpected mid-level events that turn the tables on the anti-heroes in an instant. SWAT teams, gun-toting elderly, helicopter gunships, pandas, pugs and suicidal samurais stand between you and victory. 

The gameplay certainly looks fast paced, pixel-gory and full of quirky humour, and should be definitely be one for the pixel shooter loving crowd.

Get Not a Hero from Steam when it drops on May 7th
Not A Hero Website


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