Carrera F1 +5H - Scalextric racer for the C64

Are you ready for the toughest race of your life, one that usually ends up with you constantly spinning out of control and the CPU racing ahead of you without fault? Then here it is, 'Carrera F1'! Taking us back to the Scalextric days with cars on rails, competing against your opponent at break neck speeds. Carrera F1 is the latest C64 release by Technische Maschinenfabrik and crack trainered by Genesis Project.

It's a very difficult game indeed if played against the CPU, I can pretty much say you will hardly ever win and will spend most of your time spinning out of control. But what this release does offer apart from very handy cheats, is the availability of 2 player. What the game frustrates against the CPU is great fun against your own friends.

So check it out now and have a laugh with a friend on your C64

Original Release
Trainer Release

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