Another loyal Amiga gamer passes away Laffer35 - Sad News

It has come to our attention that Laffer35; a loyal, friendly and all round great chap has passed away due to suicide. He was in the hearts of many Amiga owners as not only was he a valued member of LemonAmiga and EAB ( English Amiga Board ), but he did many great Amiga longplay videos while giving friendly comments to other longplay's. As such JimPlaysGames has done a very heart felt video message, that I really think you should watch. Laffer35 I didn't know you personally, but thank you for being a great part of the Amiga community, and as I've had personal experience with suicide, I perhaps know a little bit of how you felt.

Laffer35's channel. Please remember him:


  1. Well said, I feel awful now! You could even hear the sadness in their voices :( This is the second great Amiga gamer we've lost this year

  2. HoraceAndTheSpider24 April 2015 at 20:55

    really sad to here - always remember him being a positive member of the community. I hope he will be rembered as such by everyone.

  3. :( A sad day indeed, but we will remember him for he left a lasting legacy with his YT videos and other community involvement. R.I.P.

  4. I am a member of EAB, and still haven't come across him. RIP.


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