Dungeons of Aledorn - Old School Hardcore RPG Kickstarter success!

What an eye opening day of Kickstarter watching as the hardcore styled RPG 'Dungeons of Aledorn', of which we have featured before, developed by Team 21 is a Kickstarter success. Yet it nearly wasn't so, as within 6 hours of reaching their goal a backer pulled out dropping the amount from 59k to 57k. But thankfully other gamers stepped in made it a Kickstarter success raising over 60k with just hours to go.

Classed as an old school hardcore RPG, with gorgeous detail but inspired by the rock hard dungeon crawlers of old but with bang up to date graphics and gameplay, DoA promises to be a must-not-miss adventure for fans of the genre.

Download the tech demo v0.02 for Dungeons of Aledorn by clicking:

here (windows version)
here(mac version)
here (linux version)

Kickstarter Page

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