PLAY Margate - Indie and Retro gaming show coming to Margate 21-23RD August 2015!

At the beginning of the year Indie Retro News went to GEEK 2015; a gaming show that I had hoped had all the greatness of 2013 with lots of retro systems, retro market stalls and the odd modern console. However sad as it may be, GEEK 2015 was a big let down compared to their previous events, with it being a more modern oriented show (Lots of PS4's/Xbox ones!). However we've just been informed by the Replay team that 'PLAY Margate' is coming to the Winter Gardens on 21-23rd August. The same team behind the gaming greatness of the first 3 GEEK events, is coming to Margate! So if you want the best in Arcade, Indie and Retro Gaming, come to ' Play Margate 2015 '.

Tickets are now available to buy

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