Killer Bundle 3 - More killer Steam games from Bundle Stars

Just hours ago Bundle Stars released another awesome bundle by the name of the "'Killer Bundle 3". Even though we were late on this one due to being out of town, we couldn't help but post this news update to let you know of the greatness of this latest bundle release. Saving a huge 97% at only £3.99 this bundle features great games such as Planetary Annihilation, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat, Of Orcrs and Men, It Came From Space, Super Motherload, Merchants of Kaidan, The Original Strife, Letter Quest, Survivalist and Spark Rising.

Thus with over 14,000 in total Steam Reviews, from an interplanetary RTS to a Stealth Action RPG, this is one bundle you don't want to miss.

Bundle Page

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