Foxtail - Beautifully pixelated adventure aims for Steam Greenlight success

Many of you may remember a very classic adventure title called 'Inherit the Earth', which was released way back in 1994 for platforms such as the Amiga, Mac OS and DOS. It featured anthropomorphic animals (Furries) with a great storyline, lovely fantasy detail and characters with their own personalities. But today's feature of 'Foxtail' by Gingertips is very similar in design, has lovely pixelated graphics and is also aiming for a Steam Greenlight success for PC, MAC and Linux.

Kingdoms of Steam - Amiga shoot em up gets a demo

After our recent announcement for the side scrolling shoot em up of 'Kingdoms of Steam', the developers have now given us the heads up of a two level demo that is now available for the Amiga community to try out and give them your feedback. Developed by AmigaPD, Kingdoms of Steam was made in Reality and is inspired by the Megadrive game Empires of Steel but with the aim of the game to defeat the different steam fleets and return peace to the kingdom.

COMPLICA DX - A fantastic CONNECT-4 for the ZX Spectrum!

Spectrum owners prepare to play one of the greatest ZX Spectrum style arcade puzzle games released this year by far; it's 'COMPLICA DX' by Einar Saukas, Dave Hughes and Yerzmyey. A brand new release that takes on CONNECT-4, gives it a unique twist and makes it so enjoyable to play you'll not want to put it down! Featuring great 8bit graphics by Dave "R-Tape" Hughes, amazing speccy tunes, a customized version of the BIFROST Engine, huge game content (packing 12K of 100% Assembly code, 61K of standard and multicolor graphics, 12K of AY music) in 48K only and it's completely free to play!

ZX Spectrum Retro Review - Paperboy

It is an important and popular fact that back in the 1980s I funded my computer gaming time by delivering newspapers. This fact is in some small way commemorated by the fact that, in a time of mid-life crisis, the first game I loaded up on my newly acquired rubber-keyed Spectrum was Paperboy. There was no deep reason for Paperboy; it was never one of my favourites, but, having been bought at some point between packing my old +2 away and acquiring a 'new' Spectrum, it was the first game that came to hand.

Rob's Gaming Yesterday Retro Collection - Exclusive Member Feature!

Over these past few months we've been delving deep into our collective thoughts and came up with an idea which is going to be pretty special for many of our readers that like to collect retro gaming hardware and games. This will be exclusive to us and also a special member feature, so for those of you who follow our site very closely can now be a much greater part of Indie Retro News. Also as an added bonus this won't just be a picture collection of everything you have collected over the years but will also have a very special interview, so you too can stand up and speak up about everything that makes your retro haul so special. Today's retro collection and interview is from none other than Rob Gaming Yesterday, a great reader of ours and also someone who keeps grabbing those Amstrad games before I even have a chance to blink!

Kingdoms of Steam - AmigaPD announces a new shoot em up for the Amiga!

The shoot em up genre works really well on the Amiga, games such as R-Type, Apidya, Project-X and X-Out certainly come to mind. They have all the pace of the Arcade classics while remaining incredibly fun with waves of enemies, power ups and spectacular weaponry. So today's announcement from AmigaPD, the same team behind Dylan the Spaceman for 'Kingdoms of Steam', certainly got our attention. According to the developers, Kingdoms of Steam will have a powerful blimp fighting against 30 attack waves through each level and one end of level guardian event.

High Voltage SID Collection v63 now available for the C64

Probably our last news post of the day unless something major comes out, is the latest release announcement of the 'High Voltage SID Collection V63' from the HVSC Crew for your C64! Celebrating over 10 years in 2006 of great SID music and made available once again in a new v64 collection, this latest update features even more incredible tunes that will probably blow your speakers! Also as an added bonus if you grab the 96mb zip file which they've provided, it contains well over 200mb worth of SID tunes that can be listened to through any SID player.

Source - Download Update - Download All - VLC Player

Scramble v1.4 - Brilliant little shoot em up gets a new C64 build

I was just thinking to myself could this day get any better for my breadbin C64, and going by the latest update from Laxity, it just has! Welcome to 'Scramble' version 1.14; a very nice side scrolling shoot em up C64 port of a much earlier game which was originally released way back in 1983 as Skramble developed by Darrell Etherington. This version developed by Thomas Kite, stays true to the original but features a much smoother frame rate and if you get the latest Laxity release it also features a handy trainer.

Ghosts N Goblins and Commando Arcade - Easy flash double for the C64

Good afternoon gamers, it might be hot outside with the sun shining but have we got just the treat for you if you own a C64 or have the emulator Vice installed. This is a double explosion of fun, as n0stalgia have now released not just one great overhauled retro classic as an Easyflash, but two! It's none other than 'Commando Arcade SE, which is a special edition of their previous 2014 Commando Arcade remake of the classic game from the original way back in the early 80's and 'Ghosts 'n Goblins Arcade'; an incredible remake which is our most highly rated C64 releases ever! Both games now available in Easyflash format which means you can flash these games onto your very own cart, or as per usual play both through a 1541 Ultimate II or Vice!

WinUAE 3.2.0 b1 - The Amiga emulator gets a feature packed beta 1

It has not been long since the previous release of the big Amiga emulator WinUAE 3.1.0 final and now Toni Wilen is straight into the next phase of development with the release of WinUAE 3.2.0 B1, which doesn't contain just the odd fix but is full of new features. Throughout all these years we always have a big final release and then not long after a long set of beta tests are issued to make the next version even more impressive than the final before it. Today's beta 1 has CI Bridges, more HD controllers, genlock "emulation" with possibly more to come (A2410 and some PCI board(s), perhaps even more..). See change log for details

A Hole New World - NES style platformer gets a kickstarter

Spanish team Mad Gear Games have just launched their new Kickstarter for a NES style platformer called 'A Hole New World'. With a NES palette and a stonking chiptune soundtrack, this is going to be a love letter to the greats such as Castlevania and Ghosts'n'Goblins. AHNW comes out of the Ludum Dare 30 gamejam where it ranked a high 50 out of 1000 and has already been greenlit by the steam community.

Disciples Of The Storm - Game classic reboot aims for Kickstarter funding

Way back in 1997 Titanic Entertainment and published by Activision released 'NetStorm: Islands At War. An online game as you battle across a number of islands each one controlled by an individual player. This great retro title with a very large fan base following later spawned a reboot called 'Disciples Of The Storm' developed by Storm Isle Productions, which became a Steam Greenlight success and is now aiming for Kickstarter funding. Classed as a unique, fast-paced, real-time, complex strategy game with elements of role playing developed by the fans and with the help of the original developers, is now seeking your help to raise $50,000 as a Kickstarter goal.

ZX Spectrum Retro Review - Trashman

Released in 1984 by New Generation Software, Trashman was developed by Malcolm Evans - the man responsible for the ZX81 classic 3D Monster Maze. In Trashman you play the part of Fred Scrunge: alert, nimble footed and able to hold his drink, Fred is a happily married father of three, chess player and home computer expert, and therefore only able to find work as an apprentice binman. Although you have to wonder what went on in some of the pitch sessions at games companies in the 80s...

Lethis : Path of Progress - Anno style in a Victorian Steampunk vibe now on Steam!

After 9 months of intensive development, Triskell Interactive have finally announced their Steam Greenlight success of 'Lethis Path of Progress' is now available to buy on Steam. Set in a Victorian Steampunk universe in a time when Steam is discovered as a source of energy. You must build your city, help your citizens and honour the requests of the Emperor himself. Lethis has been one of our most eagerly awaited city builders, as you not only have to manage your city, but provide resources, workers, trade with other cities and everything that makes the city builder such a great genre.

Minecraft being ported to the Amstrad CPC? Welcome to AmsCraft!

This picture above may not look like much, but this is actually a very early preview shot of a Minecraft-style game for the Amstrad CPC that is being developed by lachlank. The current title of the game is being called 'AmsCraft' and will be written mainly in C using SDCC/CPCTelera but with assembler to draw blocks. So far the developer has noted that he is only drawing the screen and player sprite at present and is hoping for contributions from other programmers to make the music that sounds very similar to Minecraft, but in that 8bit style. Also to coincide with this news, the developer has released a very short video tease that goes to show how far the development has come.

Labyrinth of Crete - C64 Adventuring release from Genesis Project and TRIAD

Another special adventure release which has been worked on since 2013 and in partnership with Genesis Project and TRIAD, is the announcement of the availability of a 101% version of 'Labyrinth of Crete'; a 1983 Adventure International game that certainly had it's fair share of issues back in the day. What originally was not able to be completed and full of bugs has now been sorted by the two release groups as they have fixed both the code, the graphics and the copy protection which originally made it impossible to finish.

Jack The Nipper - Fantastic classic given the Hokuto Force treatment for the C64

Possibly the last news release of the day by myself (before my head explodes), is a cracked and updated game titled; 'Jack The Nipper' +4DGFS [PAL/90% NTSC] for the C64. Originally developed by Gremlin Graphics in 1986 for most home computers and played in a side-view flip screen, you play as Jack the Nipper who has to carry out various pranks on the unsuspecting neighbourhood to break the record for being naughty without being caught. This brilliant retro classic which was rated number 2 in the uk charts, has not only been released by Hokuto Force with 4 cheat trainers, but also a dox, solution, ntsc fix at 90% and some extra graphics as a bonus!

Spellbound - A very classic Mastertronic ZX Spectrum review

The loading screen!
Following from the footsteps of the excellent Finders Keepers comes the equally excellent Spellbound. A far cry from the platform orientated FK, this time you were in a 'True Graphic Adventure' as the title screen suggests. This summed up the game brilliantly. This is what an adventure would look like if put into visuals instead of the standard text-based affair. The genius way to get around entering sentences or commands that, let's be honest hardly ever seem to work ('you cannot do that yet', 'I don't understand' - sound familiar?) was the excellent 'Windimation' window which you could open and select various commands, of which increased when certain objects were collected.

Rabid Mower - Crazy grass cutting simulator for the ZX Spectrum

The retro scene really has kicked it up a notch this week as there have been so many different releases it's almost been hard to keep up. We've had the recent Rick Dangerous announcement for the Atari 8bit, Skool Daze for the Amstrad and even Big Red Adventure for the Amiga CD32. Now it's time for the ZX Spectrum, as kas29 has now released his arcade like simulation of 'Rabid Mower' that is completely free to play.

ROGUS - Frantic runner available through Steam 30th June

Some time ago we gave you the heads up of Irondrop Studios latest run'em up release of 'ROGUS - Kingdom Of The Lost Souls' for the PC that had a Wizard rushing through cool pixelated graphics, attacking or avoiding beasts, jumping over holes, while also shielding and spell casting. As such it gathered enough interest by gamers to be a Steam Greenlight success and as from the 30th of June, it will be available through Steam!

Skool Daze - Retro School antics gets a second beta release for the CPC

Another hit game which I'm sure you remember was the world favourite of 'Skool Daze'; a ZX Spectrum release from 1984 that featured lots of school antics as you play as a naughty schoolboy named Eric with a task to steal the report card from the headmaster's safe! When I originally played it I had so much fun back in the day, there was nothing better than smacking other kids with your trusty catapult or causing havoc for the teachers and getting 1000's of lines. But the news today is, now you too can enjoy this classic once more as the unofficial developer Joseman has now released beta 2 in disk format for your Amstrad CPC, which is nearly at a point of completion

Rick Dangerous - An all time favourite game is coming to the Atari 8bit system!

Atari 8bit owners prepare yourself for an all time classic platforming game, a game that has it's own cult following, a gem in the retro scene. It's none other than Rick Dangerous, developed by Core Design and published by Firebird in 1989 for the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and DOS. Today's very special news is this fantastic game classic is being ported over to the Atari XL and XE, a port that people originally thought was a huge april fools! According to the Polish team, this port will feature animation running at a constant 25fps PAL, overhauled detail to use the full colour map, and much much more!

One Myth - Musical treat released for the ZX Spectrum bleeper!

Got your ZX Spectrum turned on and your volume turned up? Good! Because Garvalf of the World of Spectrum forums has now announced the release of his ZX Spectrum musical bleeper album called ' One Myth'. Composed and recorded entirely for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Bleeper ( 1-bit musics ), One Myth is a journey of original speccy music with metal tones and as he puts it, melancholic inspirations. This album is available as a name your price and includes high-quality MP3, FLAC and more for your PC, but If you wish to listen to this on a real ZX Spectrum, just download the album and rename the included file to .Zip then unpack.

Forum Discussion / Source Release

The Great Escape - Ocean classic coming to the Atari 8-bit!

We've just been informed by Alex from Retro For Sale that the 8-bit classic 'The Great Escape' by Ocean Software, is being ported over by mariuszw of the Atariage forums to the Atari 8-bit system. Originally developed for the ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC and DOS in the 1980's, this work in progress release is being ported over from the C64 and at some point will have sound effects, music and an improved loading picture.

Dizzy The Last Hero v2 - The best looking Dizzy game this year just got even better!

We've just been informed by Adam of in our Dizzy RetroGaming Facebook group, that the latest version of the brilliant retro styled Dizzy fan game 'Dizzy The Last Hero', of which we featured recently, has just been given a very nice update. Currently coming first in the DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2015 with Sunken Castle Dizzy coming second, this is possibly one of the best looking Dizzy fan games we've seen so far.  Developed by trz & Dr. Titus and available in English and Russian, the detail is of very high standard, with a great intro tune and sound affects that might just give you the goosebumps.

Slain! - Jaw dropping slasher coming to Steam Fall 2015

Welcome to possibly the most gorish looking slasher we've seen since the days of Moonstone on the Amiga. This is Slain! A Wolf Brew Games developed pixelated action platforming horror with jaw dropping visuals, that was not only a Kickstarter success but also smashed through Steam Greenlight! Not since our full feature have we been so excited for this game, but we are pleased to announce you will be able to play Slain! On your PC, Mac or Linux through Steam coming fall 2015!

Badass Inc - A stunning pixelated action adventure game and it's free!

Of all the game types I really enjoy playing are those made in a retro style with scan lines and lovely pixels. Sure there have been many of them in the last few years but when it comes to the latest game 'Badass Inc' by Motion Twin, this one is pretty damn special.  Coming second place in the 32nd Ludum Dare and made with nostalgic 30 somethings in mind; Badass Inc is a very high quality action adventure that has a hint of Flashback but with the point and click enjoyment set in a Beneath a Steel Sky style universe.

Big Red Adventure and Nippon Safes Inc - Amiga Adventure classics now available for the Amiga CD32

Some of our readers were asking when the next Amiga CD32 release was coming out. And unbeknownst to us, Cobe, with a friendly backing from Earok, was already at work on the next fantastic game conversion that I'm sure many of you have heard of growing up. It's 'Nippon Safes Inc' from 1993 and 'The Big Red Adventure' from 1997. Two amazing Adventure titles that had unique characters each with their own story , personalities and skills that will at some point have them working together. Featuring cartoonish, comic style graphics with a unique icon based UI, Nippon Safes Inc and it's sequel are now available on your Amiga CD32 from Cobe and Earok.

Aaron White's Paperboy C64 tribute as a bonus release for your Amiga!

Aaron White is back with another musical compilation for your Amiga, and this time it's none other than the Paperboy C64 tribute which has been given the usual top quality conversion! Unlike the previous release, this one is a bonus disk and features just three tracks from the incredible arcade C64 port of Paperboy which was released in the 80's. Current tracks include Paperboy Main Theme, Paperboy Bonus Stage and Paperboy High Score. Hopefully this is just a taster of what's to come as there hasn't been a single release that I haven't enjoyed.

So head on over to our personal download site and grab that ADF file!

Fantasmolytic - C64 scene demo released by Censor Design and Oxyron

Something slightly different from C64 gaming, as Censor Design and Oxyron have now officially released the latest scene demo that was shown at this weekend's Nordlicht 2015 demo party to blow your speakers and your mind! This is 'Fantasmolytic'; a musical treat of real SID playback and great artistic detail that will most likely earn it's place at one of the top most downloaded scene demo's on CSDb. If you thought Comaland was good, wait till you watch this!

Tower 57 - Retro inspired shooter gets slick new gifs and demo news!

This weekend has been absolutely perfect for retro gamers, such as the recent release of Nostalgia's Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade, but now it's time to once again feature the more modern game but with a retro inspired twist, Benitosub and Cyangmou's 16-bit shooter 'Tower 57'. As we said before 'Tower 57' is set in a dystopian future; an arcade love child of Alien Breed and Chaos Engine with fantastic 16-bit styled pixel art and interactive and destructive environments. It is one of our most eagerly awaited games and going by our site stats it's yours too. So without further-ado it's time to showcase the latest animated gifs, such as weather effects, train animation, parallax and more, before the big trailer and demo which is due very soon! ( Bandwidth heavy warning )

Booming Boy - Bomberman inspired arcade release for the MSX2 with a Demo!

Through all the years of retro gaming, there is one name that always stands out in the crowd, and that is Bomberman or as it's also called Dynablaster. This incredibly addictive game was originally developed by Hudson Soft in which you move a character around a maze like game screen, collecting power ups and placing bombs to clear obstacles or wiping out enemies. What made the game so challenging is the fact that bombs can also be a hindrance and if placed incorrectly can also kill you and your friends if being played in multiplayer. Such a brilliant game for it's time and every so often we get a clone of Bomberman by different developers and 'Booming Boy' developed for the MSX2 is one such game that certainly is a worthy addition to this retro line up.

Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade - A stunning revamp for the C64 is now available! (Indie Retro News Exclusive!) {UPDATE}

In March of 2015 Nostalgia blew us all away with their C64 release of 'Commando Arcade SE'; a brilliant Arcade revamp of the 1980's C64 hit classic Commando. It was a faithful version to the Arcade and featured more levels, new level features, new graphics, a new scroller and much much more. Yet they weren't content with doing just Commando, as Nostalgia are hopefully going to release Ghosts'n'Goblins Arcade this weekend, perhaps even today Saturday! (See Update). True to form, this version will once again be a faithful version to the original arcade, whereas the original Commodore 64 version is somewhat different from the arcade version as it only features the Graveyard and Forest, The Ice Palace, The Floating Platforms and Firebridge and The Caves in that order. So if you thought Commando Arcade SE was brilliant, wait till you play this latest overhaul!

Bomb Jack DX C64 - C64 classic overhauled alpha footage!

You may remember us giving you the big feature heads up over an overhauled work in progress announcement of Bomb Jack for the C64, well we've just been told by Retro Nerd of the EAB forums, that the developer Retrofan has now released the very latest alpha footage of the C64 arcade superhero classic conversion. Another news of note is the game is no longer just Bomb Jack overhauled but it now has an official name of Bomb Jack DX C64. This video tease shows us a glimpse of the detail in the enhanced version, the smooth game play and the great soundtrack!

Street Fighter II - The REAL CPC Edition is in development!

Cast your minds way back to 1992 when Capcom's eagerly awaited beat em up ' Street Fighter 2 ' finally appeared on the C64 and ZX Spectrum. At least a year and a half later if not more , the Amstrad version was supposed to be coming to the Amstrad CPC, at least according to Amstrad Action. Yet for some reason, perhaps the development was scrapped it never appeared. Many years later, a homebrew port from the Gameboy version did appear on the Amstrad CPC by Hermol but many felt that it wasn't a true reflection of the Amstrad's detail. Fast forward to 2013-2015 and a very impressive homebrew remake titled 'Street Fighter II - CPC Edition' is being developed by DaDMaN, McKlain and AugustoRuiz for the Amstrad CPC 6128 (128Kb RAM).

The great 2015 DRM Free GOG Summer Sale Final

After many days of fantastic deals on the GOG website, it's time to announce the BIG Summer Sale is finally coming to a close. With hundreds of deals throughout the summer months with more than 100 titles offered up to 90% off and bundle deals every 24 hours, today is GOG's BIG 2015 Summer Sale Final (Best Deals Return). So if you missed the chance previously, head on over to GOG and grab one of any 700 titles before the deals are gone for good.

Skool Daze - A hit speccy classic getting an Amstrad CPC port! [UPDATE]

Skool Daze was released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and C64, created by David Reidy and Helen Reidy with the ZX Spectrum version voted the 4th best game of all time in a special issue of Your Sinclair magazine in 2004. It was the only game of it's time that gave you the true 8-bit experience of being at school. In Skool Daze you play as a naughty schoolboy named Eric and his task was to steal the report card from the headmaster's safe, because if you didn't, your parents would not be happy. The game for it's time had so much in it, it really felt like you was at school with such antics to be had! But for all it's charm Skool Daze never appeared on the Amstrad CPC until now! Joseman has announced the classic speccy game is being ported over to the Amstrad CPC using the original source code. [Update Posted]

OutRun CPC - An Amstrad CPC style remake of a hit racer!

Way back in 1986 Sega released one of the greatest racers of our time, it just had to be Out Run. An Arcade racer designed by Yu Suzuki, that was not only a commercial success but became one of the best selling games of it's time. It had incredible graphics, fantastic music and fast paced track racing that really pushed you to the edge of your seat. Yet as is the case with Arcade games of that era, many of them were ported to home computers and consoles thanks to US Gold. One such game was Out Run and the famous Amstrad CPC version, famous for completely the wrong reasons. As such one such user by the name of Barbarian.1987 set out to remake the Amstrad CPC game (since 2012/3) as a what if on your PC.

Caren and the Tangled Tentacles - C64 adventure work in progress gets an official name!

Just last month we gave you the first heads up over a brand new adventure work in progress by Oliver Lindau, Martin Wendt and Kamil Wolnikowski that certainly looked most impressive as a contribution for a C64 game creation competition in the German Forum64. Originally titled 'Lindwendture Project' in a Lucas arts style design has now been given an official release name of 'Caren and the Tangled Tentacles', which sounds almost like an influence to Day of the Tentacle. But that's not all, as the creators have also released a new mock up screenshot for the masking stress test!

Eitr - An action RPG you'll not want to miss!

Developed by Eneme Entertainment in partnership with Devolver Digital, 'Eitr' is the latest Action RPG that is at the highest point on my wishlist. It is an Indie game that doesn't just have great pixel art, but it looks to take on Diablo with inspirations from Dark Souls and Golden Axe and give the genre a kick up the rear. The game according to the developers, will be challenging, require timing and precision as players need to use a combination of blocking, combos, buffs and positioning to succeed in battle. In light of this news the creators have released a gameplay trailer!

Beyond Eternity Episode 1 - 6 hour adventure that's free to play!

Something slightly different today for our readers as MyEakinBack has now released his 6 hours worth of point and click adventure game 'Beyond Eternity Episode 1' that is completely free to play! Using Adventure Game Studio with what looks like characters straight out of RPG Maker, you play as two main characters that have to solve the mysterious professor disappearances at West College while picking up scientific knowledge that uncovers many pieces of the mystery

The Amiga comes alive on your desk top from Pixel Nation!

After the recent acquisition of the biggest Commodore Amiga Facebook group, we knew for a fact that at some point there would be a post that would really cause a big fuss in the community. No it's not the tedious 30 year old computer heating a school, but it is a rather impressive short animation project by Pixel Nation of an Amiga game as if it was playing out on your computer desk! Don't believe me, then check out these two videos from PN showing what would happen if Cannon Fodder or Wings Of Fury was to happen right before your very eyes!

Sam's Journey - Jaw dropping C64 platformer Part 1 A Pirate's Life For Sam!

We've just been given an exclusive heads up of a brand new game play tease release for Knights of Bytes amazingly jaw dropping C64 platformer 'Sam's Journey'. In development for the C64, this latest gameplay tease titled 'Part 1 A Pirate's Life For Sam', shows off Sam's special abilities such as being able to pick up items, carry them around and throw at enemies. What's more it gives us a first hand look into Sam turning into a Pirate that enables him to use his sword!

How Do I Play Zelda? - Zelda Dungeon Romper from Joelmacool12

It has been some time now since we last featured a Zelda fan game, so we set out to change all that by finding one that is both enjoyable to play and will keep you occupied for more than just an hour. Well here we are with 'How Do I Play Zelda?' developed by Joelmacool12; a large enough Zelda quest that features 5 levels that are found by story, and 4 levels that are found by adventuring!

RPG Maker - The entire series reviewed

RPGMaker, one of the best examples of a tool used to learn how to make your own game, long before all of these high tech engines like unity, blender and many more but is it still relevant? When today you can get a free engine and tool to start making games right away why should we bother with a paid tool that out of the box which seems restrictive and finicky? Well my friends that is what we are going to discuss here today.

Umbra - Diablo 2 styled action RPG is highest grossing Kickstarter game campaign from France to date!

The developer 'SolarFall Games' must be overwhelmed today as they have announced that not only is their open world RPG of 'Umbra' a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight success, but they have smashed their Kickstarter goal with an incredible $406,979 - 181% funded. As such it is now the highest grossing Kickstarter campaign, for a videogame, from France to date! Umbra is powered by CryEngine 3 and blends the hack and slash game play with state of the art graphics and truly modern AI inspired by the hit classic Diablo 2.

Commodore The Amiga Years - Brian Bagnall's Amiga book of history aiming for Kickstarter funding!

This must be the second coming of the retro era as we've seen countless books take centre stage, from Chris Wilkins 'The Story of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in Pixels' to Sam Dyer's 'Amiga Commpendium', each one a great success in the gaming community. But now we've got another book that's aiming for Kickstarter funding and it's Brian Bagnall's info packed hardcover book of ' Commodore The Amiga Years'.

Hero U - Retro inspired RPG Kickstarter success

You may remember some weeks ago that we reported the start of the second round Kickstarter campaign for the spiritual RPG successor to the Quest for Glory series - Hero U, well the campaign is as from this moment a Kickstarter success, raising $110,405 pledged of a $100,000 goal. It was pretty much touch and go in the final days as concerns raised it's head over another failed Kickstarter, but thankfully that was not the case and now we can look forward to playing Hero U in March 2016!

Euphoria 2D - Colonization Strategy for the ZX Spectrum

Way back in the year 2012, Andrew771 of the World of Spectrum forums released his Colonization style Turn Based-Strategy game 'Euphoria 2D' for the ZX Spectrum. But nearly three years later (today in fact), the developer has released a 2015 update which has given the game some much needed changes and additions. Looking like a cross between Dwarf Fortress and an old school Ultima title, you are to create a nation of Euphoria in an unknown land. Build mighty cities, farm for resources and defend it against the invading enemy!

Death's Gambit - A beautifully pixelated action RPG PS4 Reveal Trailer

Some time back now we gave you the first heads up over a gorgeous looking game called Death's Gambit, which is being developed by White Rabbit. Death's Gambit is a pixelated Action RPG sidescroller with rather impressive animation and visuals set in an alien medieval planet filled with horrors, beasts, and knights. Today the developers have just launched a PS4 Reveal Trailer that shows cutscenes and gameplay sequences in various locations that the player will visit and experience. In addition, there is an epic scene of the player riding a horse in a frozen wasteland as the camera zooms out to reveal a giant walking beside him.