Fantasmolytic - C64 scene demo released by Censor Design and Oxyron

Something slightly different from C64 gaming, as Censor Design and Oxyron have now officially released the latest scene demo that was shown at this weekend's Nordlicht 2015 demo party to blow your speakers and your mind! This is 'Fantasmolytic'; a musical treat of real SID playback and great artistic detail that will most likely earn it's place at one of the top most downloaded scene demo's on CSDb. If you thought Comaland was good, wait till you watch this!

Code: Axis, Bitbreaker, THCM, Swallow, Bob, Peiselulli
Music: LMan, Magnar Harestad, Swallow
Gfx: Joe, Yazoo, Deekay, NiM


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