Hunter HD - Action/Adventure classic remake reaches v003!

Many months a go we mentioned Cherno's early playable remake of the great Activision classic from 1991; a high grade 3D game with sandbox-type game play that by today's view point would be classed as a Grand Theft Auto and a Battlefield mix. It is in our opinion a great action adventure game which has been enjoyed by many for a good number of years. Thus it's our great pleasure to announce that Cherno has finally given himself a kick up the backside to release yet another update version with a ton of added features and improvements in the latest v003 build.

Because of the current heatwave which has broken records today, I am unable to do a full review of Hunter HD, but what we can say is this latest release certainly has some impressive features for an update. As such, features include - new vehicle physics, new character physics, projectile physics, buildings enter able, buildings with foundations, a day night time cycle, items, inventory, real time lighting, guided missiles, minimap, a rudimental quest system, radar bar, improved terrain, global messages, swimming and underwater fog! So if you have the time today and your not stuck behind a fan trying to cool off, give the latest Hunter HD a go in Firefox and have a blast from the past!

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