Spaced Out Preview - Early Alpha of an unfinished C64 release

Another release by Laxity today is Steve Morrow's 1992 C64 game of 'Spaced Out', which is now available as a very early almost non playable preview. According to a member by the name of Goat on the CSDb site, this game was only shown as a YouTube video, yet Laxity was able to find the source code, repair it, debug and release. However don't expect much from this game(?) as apart from a few screens and a moving shooting character, there's really not much that can be done.

What I did find interesting about Spaced Out and it wasn't the game play, if any, but Laxity did say that this was a real challenge to fix up and release. As according to them, the code and instructions were a mess with typos, and words spelt incorrectly. So hats off to them in sorting that out, I just hope they can actually make a game out of this, as it could be a nifty looking sci-fi styled shooter.


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