Sylvio - The best horror game of the year available on Steam!

As promised we've now moved away from the retro and hit the indie scene with a scary game that's sure to give you the goosebumps! Classed as the best horror game of the year by a multitude of gaming sites, 'Sylvio' by Apostrophe is the latest paranormal experience to pull you in, and is now available on Steam. If you love the ghostly genre and talking to the dead, then this first person horror game about a ghost recorder and an EVP-Specialist Juliette Waters may be just the type of horror to keep you up in the night.

Trapped in an old family park shut down since a landslide in 1971, you are there to solve environment puzzles, record and analyse audio, listen for voices in the radio static, and to learn the dark story of Saginaw Family Park. If Ghost Hunters played computer games, then Sylvio with it's haunting sound track would be at the top of their list!

Available on Steam today for both PC and Mac, with a Demo!

Links :

1) Steam Page
2) Website

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