The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels smashes Kickstarter goal

While the previous retro hardware Kickstarter for Amiga users is fighting for a Kickstarter success, Chris Wilkins book ' The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels' has already smashed it's Kickstarter goal and is getting ever closer to the big £40,000! The project creator who is also behind the ZX Spectrum Story in pixels vol 1, vol 2 and The History of U.S. Gold is now hoping to reach further stretch goals such as a collaboration with RESET magazine, a brand new album from Linus and GH, and if over £55K : Each book will come in a presentation box.

But wait there's more! If you think you are just going to get a lovely book full of interviews and gaming you'd be surprised to know that anyone that pledges £65 will get a brand new C64 game by Trevor Story and Georg Rottensteiner called 'Barnsley Badger'. And anyone pledging £70 will get a new cartridge game by RGCD titled ' Tiger Claw'. Two fantastic looking games that will look lovely on a shelf full of old classics.

Also to note, since our article was written up, we were also informed of a new perk the 'SIDOLOGIE VINYL' . A signed hardback copy of the printed book, a PDF of the complete book delivered to you once the book has gone to print, a Project Sidologie Double Vinyl LP and an Elite postcard signed by David Dunn.

Can Chris Wilkins hit the big 40k? Lets hope so!

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