The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels - Chris Wilkins Book kickstarter success!

After a very good campaign we are pleased to announce Chris Wilkins book ' The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels' has smashed it's Kickstarter goal and raised over double in funding to be a complete success. In all the campaign hit £47,066 pledged of a £20,000 goal and all but one of the stretch goals was met. As such many will receive this glorious book while specific pledgers will get a brand new C64 game by Trevor Story and Georg Rottensteiner called 'Barnsley Badger'. And anyone that pledged £70 will get a new cartridge game by RGCD titled ' Tiger Claw'.

Furthermore other stretch goals were also met such as a collaboration with RESET magazine and a brand new album from Linus and GH! If you are interested in Chris Wilkin's other books, Fusion Retro Books have published 4 books in total to date in two different series and are available to buy here :

To end on a grand note, Indie Retro News was proud to be a part of this Kickstarter and wish Chris all the best beyond this successful campaign.

Links :

1) Kickstarter
2) Facebook

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