Article change for Indie Retro News - Your thoughts?

Over these last four or so years, Indie Retro News has given you pretty much the latest in Indie and Retro gaming updates. However due to many of our previous staff members changing roles or leaving the gaming scene altogether it has been down to me to write almost non stop, which puts life's priorities aside. You may have also noticed I have been rather poorly lately and because of this and having to deal with Autism, the site suffered and we didn't have any more updates. But after having some time to think my idea for the future is, rather than putting all my time into a few games, is doing a spread sheet style article with game info, developer quote, trailer, screenshots.

That way I can post all the games that need to be posted and keep the site going for many more months to come, especially as we have crossed the 23 million view count and I'd hate for the site to be stopped as IRN has a huge fan base.  For those of you wondering what will change, instead of writing up the entire game in my own words, it will be listed as Game Type, Kickstarter Goal, Developer Quote, Screenshots, Trailer and Links. Unless of course I get a piece of hardware to review or an exclusive, then it will be as per normal.

But my question to you the reader is, Would you still visit the site if we changed to that method of posting rather that what we have now?

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