Sploot - Free VR Bird pooping simulator!

Game Type : VR, Simulation
Developer : EdgeOfProphecy
Developer Description : A game built specifically for VR (but also playable without it), you experience the life of a Seagull that poops constantly and craves bread. Fly around a charming seaside town, raining fecal chaos on the innocent citizens below. Poop on as many people, cars and buildings as possible. Fill your insatiable lust for bread, and seek out the most valuable golden targets. Be careful, you're very fragile!

Screenshots :

Features :
  • Step into the webbed feet of a seagull with explosive diarrhoea.
  • Rain poop on the unsuspecting citizens of a charming island town.
  • Satisfy your insatiable lust for bread.
  • Built from the ground up for VR.
  • Also playable with a conventional monitor, mouse + keyboard.
Systems : PC, Mac
Links : 1) Download 2) Twitter 3) Website

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