Castle Chaos - Anyone remember Rampart? Check this game out!

In 1990 Atari Games released a rather enjoyable arcade game called ' Rampart ', in which it put you the player, in control of a set of castles to attack ships and or other players. If you were damaged, you had a limited amount of time to repair your castle using small blocks, with cannons contained within. It was and still is a highly playable game by all ages and I was pleased to learn of a Rampart clone titled ' Castle Chaos ' which is available to buy, but needs your Steam Greenlight votes.

According to the Odd Comet Games and Skullbox : Castle Chaos is a fast paced local multiplayer game for 2 to 4 players. In which you can build castles with tetris-like shapes and shoot cannons to destroy your opponents' castles. It is available for PC, Mac and Linux at the link below!

Features :
  • - Random generated maps depending on number of players 
  • - Lots of settings to customize your matches, from nr of castles, cannons to bushes and cloud density 
  • - Many different puzzle shapes to drive you crazy when building your castles 
  • - Annoying gnomes planting bushes everywhere, but thankfully shootable 
  • - Play as a gnome! Repair your castle while trying to avoid your opponents' suspicions by acting gnome-like. 
  • - Play on gamepad, keyboard or all on the same keyboard for extra chaotic fun with your friends!
Links : 1) Steam Greenlight 2) Facebook 3) Twitter 4) Website

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