Freedom Fall - A trap filled down-scrolling platformer

Game Type : Arcade, Platformer
Developer : Stirfire Studios
Developer Description : Freedom Fall is a diabolical down-scrolling platformer set in a prison tower so tall it touches the clouds. Presented with hand painted art, its old school vibe mixes with fast-paced free falling action and a story with both dark wit and heart. With the promise of freedom for those who escape, find your way through the traps and mechanical monstrosities set up by a twisted princess who you'll wish was in another castle.

Screenshots :


  • Retro platformer action with a down-scrolling flavour
  • A fairly tale gone awry full of dark humour and charm
  • Devilish traps and obstacles … with attitude
  • Bolts to collect + spend on steam-punk upgrades
  • Two distinct endings
  • A princess who doesn't really need saving
Systems : PC, Mac
Links : 1) Website

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