The Last Crown : Blackenrock - Adventure horror based on the paranormal

Game Type : Adventure, Horror, Paranormal
Developer : Jonathan Boakes ( Darkling Room )
Developer Description : The Last Crown: Blackenrock is one in a series of games following in the eerie footsteps of the first instalment The Lost Crown, a ghost-hunting adventure. Ever since a brief but disturbing experiment with a Spiritboard, he has felt someone, or something, calling to him. What is the significance of the word 'Blackenrock'? Is it a name, an item, an event, a place? Joining Nigel on his mysterious mission is fellow ghost-hunter Lucy Reubans. Together, they delve deep into Saxton's murky past, investigating supernatural tales of horror and the paranormal!

Screenshots :

Features :

  • Spine-tingling ghost stories to investigate.
  • Realistic ghost-hunting, featuring actual E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena).
  • Explore isolated, creepy haunted locations, in third and first person using a nite-vision camera.
  • Photographs of unexplained entities captured by creator Jonathan Boakes while creating the game.
  • Gather clues from a full cast of characters, which bring the mysterious world of Saxton to life.
  • Chilling original soundtrack.
  • Explore abandoned and isolated spooky locations.
  • Learn clues from interacting with spirits of the dead using Ghost Hunting gadgets
  • Point and click gameplay with both first and third person interaction.
  • Realistic and integrated puzzles. 
  • Collect paranormal evidence and analyse your findings.
  • Position remote cameras to monitor paranormal activity.
Release Date : TBA
Systems : PC
Links : 1) Facebook 2) Website

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