Empires of the Undergrowth (Kickstarter) - Could this be the next SimAnt?

When someone on Twitter recently mentioned a Kickstarter for ' Empires of the Undergrowth ' that had the simulation mix of Dungeon Keeper and Sim Ant, I was like a kid in a candy store when I heard the news. Now I know many of you have heard of Dungeon Keeper, but Sim Ant was a highly addictive Ant simulation game released in 1991 by Maxis, that gave you the player control of an Ant colony, from birth, to domination across a garden and into a persons house. It was and still is, a game that I'd recommend to everyone to pick up and play. But back to the news, ' Empires of the Undergrowth ' is the latest Kickstarter that looks as if it could be a very modern take on that Sim Ant classic.

With project lead by Slug Disco Studios and aiming for a £15,000 goal, you once again as the player engage in strategic real-time battles with underground tunnelling, nest construction and a documentary themed campaign. So yes, you can build mighty underground tunnels filled with ants and eggs, only to rush out from the ground to forage, survive and ultimately wipe out other ants and nasties in the area.

For further information about the game, visit the Kickstarter and pledge. Because although the game may not look to be the best thing ever in the graphics department. If it has the same playability as Sim Ant, it will be as addictive as ever!

Links : 1) Kickstarter 2) Website

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