RGDS Presents - 2 Unlimited (RGDS Megamix) by Aaron White (Amiga)

Ah finally, a worthy tune indeed for the Amiga, as Aaron White has pushed out another Sampled remix with the latest ' RGDS Presents - 2 Unlimited (RGDS Megamix) for his friend @freakin_frankie. Yes indeed, it's the original 1990's upbeat dance team of 2 unlimited, that I used to listen to all those years ago. Featuring Get Ready For This, Tribal Dance and No Limits, all put together that sounds as cool then as it does now! In fact it's so feature packed, Aaron has actually had to cut down the module to fit it on the disk and enclosed the full version separately in the download below!

Links : 1) Download 2) Aaron White 3) RGDS

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