A Chip Off The Old Block - RGDS Presents a 9 track Amiga album release

While we wait for that Indie Retro News special, Aaron White of RGDS Podcast has done another album for your Amiga listening pleasure. Titled ' A Chip Off The Old Block ', this 9 track album is a rather chippy upbeat release that sounds fantastic as soon as you press those numbered buttons. What's more Aaron has also done two well known tunes that even I remember, such as Nik Kershaw's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me and Green Day's American Idiot. Other tracks include Want a Cracktro, Tick Tock, Pop Blizzard, It's A Reggae Diner, Click and Paste, Egyptian Temple and Chippington Town, all available as a single ADF download.

Links : 1) Download 2) Aaron White 3) RGDS Podcast

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