Block'n'Tropic - Another found C64 game released by Laxity

Laxity are on form, as yet again they've released another game that wasn't even on GB64! It's ' Block'n'Tropic ' by Construction Computer Players developed by Marcus Wagner, with graphics, music and levels by Andreas Bavernfeind (1986/7). The successor to Block'n'Bubble and available for the C64 with new graphics, you must move blocks about and kill enemies with laser beams coming out of your eyes to win the level! Be warned though this game is unforgivable, one wrong move of a boulder/block and you'll be stuck with no option but to start again.

Thankfully Laxity has provided the game as a +6 with hi-score bug fix, which means you can cheat to your hearts content, with infinite lives or level skip! As always the game is available to download below or through CSDb.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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