Dark Chambers - A Gauntlet Conversion for the Atari 2600 gets an update!

I've said this before and I'll say it again, the 1980's Arcade game of ' Gauntlet ' was very good indeed, it was so good in fact, that I could pick it up today and keep playing it for hours on end. Well you may have read our big article for Dark Chambers - A Gauntlet Conversion HACK for the Atari 2600 by CDS Game , which also appeared on BoingBoing (Thanks guys), but that same game has now been given another big update and is now available as a lovely 32k version download.

According to CDS Games there are a few bugs left to fix but when that's sorted, it should be about done and I think even purists would be happy with this conversion. But until then, here is the update below which mentionable thanks to Wickeycolumbus and Omegamatrix for help with the bank switching.

 * Purple sorcerors restored, including disappearing
    * Demons restored and redrawn
    * Added Extra Magic Power potion--all characters can now destroy generators with this upgrade
    * Generators & bones now come in two levels. Shooting a Level 2 degrades it to level 1, while shooting a level 1 destroys it. This permanently fixes the generator shooting issue. Also added a second level 2 bones sprite.
    * Added orange potion
    * Added new food sprite (ham!)
    * Mostly fixed narrow top passageway issue
    * Fixed inconsistent diagonal velocity
    * Added invisibility amulet. Enemies cannot see you once this is picked up. Players turn visible again though when they open a door.
    * Added new level colour schemes
    * Increased the frequency of power up potions

Links : 1) Main Article 2) Discussion and Download

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