Elves' Dreamland - A very Jet Set Willy Christmas release for the Amiga

Another very late mention (1am!) is a brand new homebrew release for the Amiga that really gets you into that Christmas mood. Welcome to ' Elves' Dreamland ' by nittamituaki; a cute and colourful Xmas 2D platformer, designed just for that special time of year.  Featuring 200 items to collect, a lovely Christmas tune and enemies to avoid, Elves' Dreamland was created by the map editor of Jet Set Billy, with all the graphics and music made by nittamituaki himself. But that's not all, as 7 out of 8 levels were actually based on commercial retro games such as Santa's Xmas Caper for Amiga/ DOS,  Plum Duff for the ZX Spectrum and many others!

To control your Santa, press the direction keys of your Amiga keyboard. Collect all 200 items before your all 8 lives run out. Oh and be careful you don't fall too far, because if what happened to me, happens to you, you'll fall in an infinite death loop!

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download 3) Website

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