Intergalactic Race Warriors - Possibly the coolest racer to get a Greenlight campaign!

Prepare for the wackiest racer yet, that really does look like Wacky Racers on Speed! This is ' Intergalactic Race Warriors ' by Turtleblaze, that really should be getting your Steam Greenlight votes. Taking place on a wide range of planets, as a side scrolling combat racing game set in outer space, you'll be racing in all corners of the universe in a carnage tournament to reach the finish line!

Featuring intense side scrolling action racing, firearm battles, branched path level design, single player story mode, advanced car customizations, online multi-player, loads of characters and cars, and a lot of unique planets to race on, ' Intergalactic Race Warriors ' is a game to keep an eye on, for Mid 2016, PC, MAC & Linux

Links : 1) Steam Greenlight 2) Twitter

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