Jarvis - Colourful platformer needs your greenlight votes.

Once again we look towards a long list of Steam Greenlight hopefuls that are currently doing the rounds which may impress you enough for a thumbs up vote. Sure enough we found ' Jarvis ' by Chrilley, which is classed a metroidvania style game with plenty of action, nasty enemies and platforms to jump in a colourful world full of places to explore, featuring forests, caves, castles and ruins.

Currently this game is looking to be a Steam Greenlight success very soon as going by all the comments, it's getting a very positive response. Which comes as no surprise considering Jarvis will have spells, skills, abilities, challenges, upgrades, level editing and mod support all in a visually appealing Pixel Art based game.

Certainly a worthy addition to my steam library that's for sure, lets just hope it does become a success and we can all play it in Spring 2016!

Links : 1) Steam Greenlight 2) IndieDB 3) Twitter

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