Bomb Jack DX C64 - C64 classic overhauled shown off in new beta footage!

This day just gets better and better, as we've just been informed by one of our readers by the name of Graf Orlock that ' Bomb Jack DX (C64) ' has been updated with new beta 2 footage.  What glorious news indeed, as I have been following Retrofan's overhauled remake of the C64 classic for some time now and this new tease shows us just how good the 1986 original should've been and not the disappointing and poor conversion the original was from the Arcade classic.

Already from the video footage above you can just tell this is going to be an incredible release when it comes out at some point this year. The graphics are vastly superior to the original, the game play looks as smooth as ever, and even though the music is just a placeholder it still sounds top of it's class. As for the changes from beta 1 to this beta 2, they are listed below.

  • Now 4 of 5 backgrounds (new: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany)
  • Updated "LA night" background
  • P-coin and power mode with yellow enemy coins, explosions and onscreen points 
  • All enemies active and each with different strategy (WIP)
  • Optimized Jack sprites
  • Other nicer sprites (explosions, horn (flying cam), START! ...)
  • Hires bonus counter x1 – x5
  • Intermission screen with fire bomb counter

As soon as we know more, or if Graf gives us another heads up, we will tell the world! :)

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