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Jump Ninja +3H [pal/ntsc] - A frustrating play of Wanax's new C64 preview gets an update

We have already mentioned this C64 preview some time back and it was one of the most frustrating Flappy Bird style clones that I had played for some time. Just like Flappy, timing is everything, and if you're not accurate you have to restart. This is ' Jump Ninja'  +3H [PAL/NTSC] which was developed for his son Francesco hoping this might be a game to attract a new generation of C64 users. Unlike the previous version, Atlantis & Fantastic 4 Cracking Group have now added +3 trainers, a high-score saver and given the game an NTSC fix by Dr.Science.

You can read our original thoughts *here* but let's just say I wont be playing this game again any time soon, It's not that it's a bad game preview, it's just not a game style I particularly enjoy on any platform. Still as it's free you can download the game below, you might enjoy it!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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