Lemmings Techno Remix by RIGELZ

It's incredible to think that this weekend was the 25th Anniversary of DMA Design's ' Lemmings ', a game published by Psygnosis way back in the early 90's for the Amiga, Atari ST and PC. It is one of the greatest games ever and featured many blue, green haired Lemmings that could be blown up, ripped apart and dropped from the highest of points before they even hope to reach that exit. But it wasn't just the digging, blocking and thought worthy gameplay that made people love it so, but it had some really chippy tunes that sound great even today. One of those tunes has been remixed by RIGELZ also known as Anton Eriksson, and although it's a short remix, the creator has promised to make it longer and for that I'm really grateful.

For all of his other remixes, such as Bubble Bobble and Lotus you can find them HERE

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