Kingdom of Loot - 16bit Online JRPG that's free to play, is now in Early Access

I don't usually mention free to play games that are online, as usually they are pretty poor and contain a lot of micro transactions, but when it comes to 'Kingdom of Loot' by EpicBeyond Studios I'll happily make an exception. This is a 16bit JRPG inspired by many of the classics, as not only does it have lovely SNES style art work with a lot of effort put into it, but this game has full online multiplayer action and according to the developers has a big potential list of features that may draw in the crowds.

EpicBeyond Studios has said that this game strongly focuses on collecting, crafting & sharing in game loot in order to progress further on your own, with a small group of close friends, a guild or hundreds of other players joining your quest for epic gear. Further features in development are certainly eye opening as well, such as customizable character skins, a dungeon crawling loot system, an honour and reputation system, gear upgrading and crafting, companions, mounts and much much more.

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