Bitsturbed - PC retro inspired first person shooter with lots of Giblets!

After all of this time talking about homebrew games for retro systems, do you instead prefer blasting lots of enemies into pieces, in a similar gameplay style and graphics to that of the original Wolfenstein 3D? Then come and play ' Bitsturbed ' developed by TristanD. A free to play working title of an old-school, story-driven, sci-fi first person shooter currently in development for the PC and available to download today!

Although I could not get the game to work on my old bootcamp MAC PC, the developer has said when it comes to Disturbed, he aims to have lots of health pick ups, in your face combat, kick ass weaponry, exploding barrels and much more when the game is in a final state. But as for now, load it up and blood blast your way through the 2 completable levels!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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