The Blackwell Legacy - Live Action Movie Trailer based on Wadjet Eye Games incredible Adventure series

One of the finest adventure game series ever to be released on a modern system just had to be the ' Blackwell ' series from Wadjet Eye Games. They all had lovely artwork, great stories, humour and not only are you out to solve the mysteries of how people died, you also have a detective ghost to help you out. It's really that good! But what if I was to tell you there was a live action movie trailer based on that very game, you'd probably think I had gone mad. Well here it is, The Blackwell Legacy - Movie Trailer (2016) by SilverWolfPet!

If you haven't played The Blackwell series, you are seriously missing out! Thankfully if you head on over to GOG, you can download and play them right NOW!

Links : 1) Blackwell on GOG

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