Double Bubble - Insanely difficult ZX Spectrum homebrew

Miguetelo has just released his very first ZX Spectrum homebrew game called 'Double Bubble', which was developed using AGD. If you hate frustrating games then look away now, but if you love a challenge even if it means losing all your hair, then this game will do just that. In Double Bubble, the gameplay is very easy to understand, guide your second bubble around a maze like screen, avoid everything that is deadly, reach the exit and it's a level complete. Sound easy though? NO WAY!

Putting aside the frustration mentioned above, I like the detail in every room as it really gives it the depth of some underground maze like cave system, with grassy textures, and red blocked walls. I'm especially impressed for the fact that it was the developers first ZX Spectrum game. The problem however isn't anything to do with bugs or graphics, but it is the difficulty that was put into the game itself.

Having to grab the second bubble, move it around the maze while trying to keep up momentum against everything that is deadly in this underground labyrinth such as the spikes, was incredibly frustrating. It requires pin point accuracy and there's almost too much to think about. Not only do you have to worry about your own bubble touching a spike or enemy, but you must also do the same with the second bubble AND all this against a falling time limit ( Clocks give you more time ). So yes, I didn't play very far, ending up stopping in a huff, but hey, at least the developer put in many many lives, so it wasn't a one hit touch game over!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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