Duangle 2015 Intro - Amiga cracktro parody on a Pico-8!

There's something to be said about cracktro's and scene demo's, there's nothing more enjoyable than seeing waves of text, moving objects and upbeat tunes from a bunch of users showing off their creative talent on an old retro system. One such cracktro for mention wasn't developed on the Amiga however, but is actually a parody of one and was created on the Pico-8, as paniq has said for the " Duangle 2015 Intro " : This is kind of a parody of old amiga cracktros from a parallel universe, where duangle is a demoscene group, and so are all the people in the greetings!

So head on over to the Pico-8 site and check it out, it's rather cool ( Link )

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