Uwol Quest For Money - The Mojon Twins ZX Spectrum homebrew for the MSX2!

In 2009 The Mojon Twins with publishing rights by Ubhres Productions released the homebrew platformer of ' Uwol, Quest For Money ' for the ZX Spectrum with a much higher quality port for the Sega Genesis. Well just recently that same game has resurfaced but this time for the MSX2 as a new port by Imanok which was recently released at the Barcelona's #49 MSX RU and made available as a free download.

In this game you play as Uwol on a quest for more money in a place called the Storm Palace. In each room you need to collect all the coins in the allotted time, avoid the enemies dotted about and finally choose a directional arrow which appears below to pick the next room. When you reach the very bottom of the palace, you have to have a certain amount of coins collected to win. If you haven't you start again at the top and must move towards a different direction to gather the missed coins. If that still doesn't make sense, it's probably best to watch the video below from the SegaGenesis/Megadrive release! ( We mentioned this before ;) )

Uwol Quest for Money is completely free to play and available to download on a real MSX or through the BlueMSX emulator ( Make sure to hold CTRL after inserting disk, while booting )

Links : 1) Source 2) Download Site

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