XYDONIA - High quality shoot 'em up gets a new demo and Greenlight success!

More great news today from the developer Breaking Bytes, as not only is their high grade retro gaming inspired shoot em up ' XYDONIA ', a Steam Greenlight success, but they are doing rather well so far via Kickstarter and have launched an Alpha Version 2 Demo!  If you love side scrolling shoot em ups, and the names R-Type, Project-X, Gradius or Darius pull you back into an era of power ups, waves of enemies, eye blasting graphics and mass explosions, then XYDONIA is a game you've just got to play!

Inspired by the horizontal scrolling Japanese arcade classics of the 90's, XYDONIA will have a ton of features that should appeal to any retro shooter junkie. Features such as 16bit arcade style graphics (similar to Neo Geo/mid-‘90s titles) , Music and sound effects created by emulating the arcade Yamaha YM2151+SegaPCM configuration, 4:3 aspect ratio with optional, customizable CRT emulation shader + border overlay for widescreen monitors, a multitude of characters, two-player co-op, many different enemy waves, a dynamic stage progression with multiple paths, multiple weapon types and big explosions that will make your eyes pop!

In development for PC : MAC/LINUX and Console versions as stretch goals!

Links : 1) Source 2) Demo Update

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