Pico Monsters - Pokemon meets the Pico-8 by hcnt!

Another day another Pico-8 game and this time we are grabbing that Nintendo classic Pokemon changing it around and releasing it on the Pico-8 as ' Pico Monsters ' developed by hcnt. But before you get too excited this isn't a full conversion of Pokemon but a pokemon-esque jrpg, that features picostops, monsters, people to talk to and a chippy little soundtrack.

True to form just as in that well known game you can even battle other monsters using special moves, oh and yes you can even catch monsters using your picoballs. The only down side is the limitation of the Pico-8 with a max of 4, so make sure you pick wisely and save often. As such Pico Monsters is a really nice idea on the Pico-8 and just goes to show what can be made on such an impressive little device.

Links : 1) Source ( Also available to play through your browser )

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