Halloween Jam 2016 - It's time to create those scary games!

Game developers across the globe get ready for horror, as a new game jam is about to begin that is sure to give you the shivers. Welcome to the ' Halloween Jam 2016 '; a brand new jam that takes place between the 1st and 31st of October, to encourage more people to produce horror and spooky games, with a theme of 'Fear'. This can, as noted by the organisers, be interpreted however you like such as "create a cutesy game about friends helping each other overcome their fears rather than create a full on horror game "

Main rules include :

1. You can enter a demo/unfinished version of your game if you haven't completed your game by Halloween.

2. You can enter any type of game (eg. Visual novels, first person shooters.)

3. R-18 games are allowed to be entered in this jam so long as they match the theme.

4. You may use Creative Commons assets.

5. Both non-commercial and commercial games are allowed.

For further details head on over to the main page linked (Here)

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