Indie Retro News celebrates 37.5 Million views and a personal Birthday!

It is a time to celebrate for Indie Retro News as today not only have we hit a huge milestone in views reaching a staggering 37.5 million, but we have also been ranked in the top 100 for the best gaming websites on the planet - which is a great Birthday surprise as this weekend is my Birthday :). It's hard to believe that Indie Retro News was formed in September 2012 with an official beginning in the early part of October, as an idea to give you the most interesting of gaming news from Indie games to our speciality retro.

Yet fast forward to today and I think I have done just that without any ads! Nearly every day apart from most weekends I have achieved my goal to fill the page with as many eye opening games as possible so you the reader has a smile on your face every time you visit the website. Also on that note Indie Retro News really has no interest in AAA games such as Battlefield, because we as a site want to feature the little guys, those who put their heart and soul into doing something different. But also to end it off, I want to say a huge thanks to all of you who keep coming back, who write the odd article, or share our gaming news. Thank you everyone, I really mean that and if I could have you all here, celebrating my Birthday, I would!

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