Harbinger Convergence - An incredible looking ZX Spectrum game appears

ZX Spectrum owners sit up and take notice, as (Cthonian Godkiller ) also known as Apsis has released a mighty ZX Spectrum sci-fi game called ' Harbinger Convergence '. Using the latest Mojon Twins MK2 engine, this is a side view arcade adventure game with multiple levels as you must fight for the liberty of millions of worlds as a result of the project Harbinger. From the same creator of that brilliant game ' Godkiller ' this is one ZX Spectrum title you'll not want to miss.

I would love to give you a full review of this game but as was said earlier today my computer is out of action, but what I can tell you is this game is HUGE with two double sided maps, high quality graphics, great sound effects, a rather cool intro tune and all of this as a double sided tape with inclusive overlay and manual. If anything Harbinger Convergence could be the biggest and best ZX Spectrum game we've seen this year!

- Thanks geraldo.rivera.atlarge for the heads up

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