Sector 88 - HQ Sci-fi RPG Shoot Em Up gets an MSX2 release

Moving on to the MSX2 now, as a new shoot em up has just been released called ' Sector 88 ', which has been made available by KAI Magazine through ordering for cart and digital download. Classed as a space-RPG but at its core a shoot em up, Sector 88 was originally an experimental game using pre-rendered 3D graphics on the PC, which was later converted over to the MSX to gauge peoples reactions (it must've worked!).

If you want a high grade shoot em up on the MSX 2, then Sector 88 is the game for you. It features 11 missions, 10 visual stages with a graphical novel style, 3 endings depending on your choices, a deep story, the freedom to upgrade your ship, lots of enemy waves and big bosses, the freedom to replay missions to earn extra money and more to make this a kick ass shoot em up. Oh and if you're interested, has said the MeagRom features software scrolling, advanced graphics, FM and/or OPL4 sound and lots of exiting gameplay!

The digital version (ROM or files version) is 12 euro and the cartridge version is 42 euro : order your copy at

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