The Tale of Lonkey Island - The Secret of Monkey Island with a strange Adventure twist!

I'm sure many of you especially Amiga owners, will remember the brilliant 1990 Adventure game ' The Secret of Monkey Island, by Lucasfilm Games. But did you know a developer by the name of Cmdr has done his own very parody on that famous classic using AGS? Well he has and this one is called ' The Tale of Lonkey Island ', and instead of playing as Guybrush Threepwood trying to fulfil his dreams to be come a pirate, you actually play as Grisush Thriftweed on the Caribbean Island of Miele to become a firefighter!

Yes you read that right, one of the best point and click Adventure games ever released and still highly enjoyable today has been turned on its head with a rather strange twist to the story including the evil Zombie pirate ElChoco kidnapping the governor of the island. Other interesting facts about the game is not only is it a full length experience, but features classic adventuring, classic retro graphics and sounds, 5 different parts on 3 different island, a freaky story, English and German translations and alternative solutions with multiple game endings.

The Tale of Lonkey Island is free to download and play on a PC, but lets hope we see an Amiga version at some point soon ;)

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