Unknown Realm - A drool worthy 8-bit styled RPG via Kickstarter campaign is a success

This did not come as a surprise to me, considering how good this retro styled RPG looked for both C64 and PC, as Unknown Realm - The Siege Perilous by Stirring Dragon Games is a Kickstarter success raising $65,887 pledged of $65,536 goal (19 days still to go). Again as mentioned before this is an RPG that has the look of one of the best RPG's ever released on the C64 as Ultima IV, while also featuring a huge open world, secret locations, a day and night cycle, seasonal monsters and much much more to make this a truly epic sounding game!

RetroKomp/LoadError Party 2017 - An event you don't want to miss

Every year we mention all the games that come out from the retrocomputing event and demoscene party which is held in Europe by the RK/LE Team. For example these last few years a number of games were made available that didn't just appear on the Amiga but also the Sega Megadrive. Games such as Blazing Guns, VilQ, Alarcity, Krunel (zx), Tanks Furry, Bridge Strike, Trionoids and many others. So you can probably see why I'm really looking forward to the RetroKomp retro computing event & LoadError Party 2017, which will be held in Gdansk, Poland on 20-22.10.2017

Chibi Akuma(s) - A mad bullet hell shooter gets an Amstrad CPC 6128 release

2017 isn't here yet and still 2016 is delivering the goods as once again another homebrew takes to the stage and this time it's the bullet hell shooter ' Chibi Akuma(s) ' developed by Keith56 for the Amstrad CPC. Now we've already mentioned this game before, but if you didn't read our write up, this game is a crazy in your face shooter with bullets appearing at you from all sides through 5 levels of extreme fire power and deadly end level bosses! - Join Chibiko in her unholy battle against the invasion of badly drawn, cliche and generally uninspired

Scourge of the Underkind - Wayne and Magnus aims to impress with their latest Amiga game!

During 2016 Wayne Ashworth and Magnus have been developing a new game called ' Scourge of the Underkind ' for 1 Meg OCS Amiga's. It is a rather spiffy looking top down arcade action game with coin and key collection that is very similar to that classic game Chaos Engine. Well during these last few months the team behind the game have been hard at work and after showing off the shop keeper video not long ago, they have since released a number of boss based battle teasers.

HeliCommander - Action game inspired by Choplifter coming to the Atari 8-bit

The above screenshot might not like much (it is only from a 240p video the developer uploaded), but this is the first tease for a new game peteym5 is developing called ' HeliCommander ' inspired by the arcade version of Choplifter and the Activision game Chopper Command. According to peteym5 this side scrolling shooting game will be coming to the Atari 400/800/XL and XE and will be available on cartridge, with system requirements of a standard Atari 8-bit computer. It does not use RAM under ROM so it will work on a 48K 400/800 or a 16K stock 600XL.

Retro Games Forever and other great Facebook groups worthy of a visit!

Over the years many Facebook groups have come and gone and some are still going even today much to the delight of the retro gaming community. But it takes more than just a whiff of nostalgia to keep the members coming and staying; it takes lots of gaming updates and posts, people getting along and an Administration worthy of your respect. And so through all this time of being an actual member myself, here are many of the discussion groups I'd highly recommend you join, that's if you are actually on Facebook at all.

Cybernoid CD32 Compilation - A pre 2017 treat on the Amiga CD32 by Hungry Horace

When I was contacted by Earok earlier today, I just knew a new Amiga CD32 release was coming, and sure enough here we have the ' Cybernoid CD32 Compilation ' by Hungry Horace. These are two fantastic games on the Amiga and more especially the first one Cybernoid, as it was first released way back in 1987 by Hewson Consultants for the Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum and later the Amiga. In fact the first game was rated very highly by many magazines for a shoot 'em up in the 8-bit era, and more so for the theme tune by Jeroen Tel which appeared on the C64.

GENIUS +7D Into the Toy Warehouses - Apple II game comes over to the C64

Not long ago Daniele Liverani released the beta version of a new game called ' GENIUS - Into the Toy Warehouses ' for the Apple II. Apparently this first part in the trilogy was inspired by the Genius Rock Opera, which he created way back in the early 2000's. Yet fast forward to the end of 2016 and Hokuto Force has released the trainered C64 version, which not only makes it much easier to play but there's over 80 levels of enjoyment to last you through into 2017.

Fairlight - A brilliant 8-bit Isometric Adventure gets an Atari XL/XE port!

We have just had a really good bit of info in our email box thanks to Bartekh84, as the 8-bit Adventure classic ' Fairlight ' which appeared on the Amstrad CPC, C64 and ZX Spectrum has been converted over to the Atari XL/XE by Mariusz „mariuszw” Wojcieszek, José Pereira, and Bartłomiej „Wieczór” Wieczorkowski. First released in 1985 on the ZX Spectrum and selling over 50,000 copies with awards given by Crash Magazine for best adventure, graphics and music of the year, you play as Isvar, on his quest to find the Book of Light for the court sorcerer, in order for them to escape Castle Avars.

Twin Dragons - Charming platformer in development for the NESdev compo 2016

As a heads up by RVG a brand new NES game is in development for the NESdev compo 2016, and it's called ' Twin Dragons ', developed by Glutock. This is a charming looking side-scrolling platformer that will feature decent animations, physics, moving platforms, items and power ups and much more to make this a worthy sounding game indeed. According to the developer at its current stage of development ; collisions, simple AI and basic sound effects are working, but flying enemies
a boss, game over screen and slopes still need to be implemented.

Chimney Presents - A short and enjoyable festive game by Daniel Linssen

Already Christmas day has come and gone, and although it's still Christmas week, we are fast approaching 2017 which is sure to bring lots more games to play. But before we get there, here's a game to celebrate this festive season ' Chimney Presents ' by Daniel Linssen. In this game you must help Santa deliver all the presents down each of the chimneys scattered throughout the level, but be careful with each scene, as it becomes ever more difficult for poor Santa, and at some point you might very well fall!

Thrust 30 - A truly awesome version of Thrust aims for a Greenlight success

Earlier this month we did a big feature of HayesMaker's Thrust remake known as ' Thrust 30 ' for PC, Mac and Linux. It is a 2D vectored game that celebrated the 30th anniversary of Jeremy Smith's "Thrust", which puts you in control of a fast moving ship that could blast away defences, take out power stations and tractor orbs from deep underground and out into space. Well you'll be pleased to know after our recent feedback saying it was a recommended game with a bloody awesome soundtrack by Matt Gray, it's now going through a Steam Greenlight campaign with a demo that needs all your thumbs up.

Glory of Heracles IV - Milestone English fan translation for an EPIC SNES RPG

I was wondering when the next Romhacking special would appear especially towards Christmas, and sure enough here comes another English translation, and this time it's for the Japanese game ' Glory of Heracles IV ', or the proper name Heracles no Eikou IV: Kamigami Kara no Okurimono. Now translated by the Nightcrawlers Translation Corporation (Nanashi), this is an EPIC JRPG with a deep story and gameplay that blends Greek mythology, the story of Pandora’s Box, and the quest for eternal life with similarities to the Dragon Quest games.

The new AMIGA 1200 case exclusive review - Is it as good as the original? [UPDATE]

A1200.net has done exceedingly well via crowd funding and more especially for the Amiga community these last few years as not only did they smash a Kickstarter success for their new Amiga 1200 case Kickstarter, but more recently they have also pushed towards a keycap Kickstarter success as well. Thankfully after many concerns about the Amiga cases not appearing, due a number of delays and the bad feelings regarding Kickstarters, we are happy to say that not only are they being shipped to backers, but we have one in our hands for an exclusive review!

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from Indie Retro News [UPDATE]

Here we are again with another Christmas and what a year it has been, full of incredible indie games, new homebrews, and lots of lost and found retro specials that have amazed even our own writers thanks to Genesis Project, Hokuto Force or Laxity. From C64 games such as Charlie Chaplin, Red Baron 3000, Donkey Kong + (X2016 Version), Locators Synd, Hessian, Alien 8 and Pentagram, to the incredible Amiga specials such as the SEGA CD exclusive Heart of the Alien ported over to the Amiga, Another World lost levels, OnEscapee and Giana Sisters: Special Edition by PixelGlass Studios. But that's not all we've had to enjoy, as we've had month after month of Amiga CD32 conversions thanks to Earok(+team) and more so this year Amiga Jay with Psygnosis : The Complete Amiga Works, The Bitmap Brothers Collection and even the Overhead Racer Collection! [25/12/16 Christmas Update]

Pietro Bros - A stunning ZX Spectrum homebrew based on Mario Bros from the NES

Well it is finally Christmas day, oh the joys! This is the time when all the homebrew developers come together to show off their very special treats for both the young and old in all their retro gaming splendour. Welcome to possibly the best looking ZX Spectrum game we've seen so far this winter and one that has been in development for some time, Noentiendo - Pietro Bros by Cristian M. Gonzalez, built on z88dk and using Nirvana+ for the multicolour graphic engine.

Lode Runner +6GD - A great game on the C64 gets the Hokuto Force treatment

When I was just a youngster one game I remember so fondly, was the 1980's classic Lode Runner. It was a game I used to play on a original monochrome Macintosh for many hours to the point of almost addiction. It was actually published by Brøderbund in 1983 and appeared on so many systems, although my preference would always be on the old MAC. In fact the C64 had many different versions differing in level design, speed and even containing an editor, but today's Lode Runner is the original, re-released today by Hokuto Force as both 1541 and 1581 disk based versions.

The Eric Schwartz Collection - The finest works from a legendary Amiga Animator now on the Amiga CD32

Here's something completely different and will be loved by Furries across the world and those of you who grew up during the era of the Amiga. Here we have the legendary artist who has brought you such Animated classics as Amy the Squirrel, Flip the Frog and the beloved comic book series Sabrina and the Red Shetland. This latest release by Earok and Steve for the Amiga CD32, has well over 80 Eric W Schwartz's finest works, from the late 1980s through to the early 2010s! Including many short cartoons, looping animations, tutorials and even an image browser!

Frogger Arcade for the C64 - Hokuto Force ports a classic for Christmas

It is almost Christmas day and as a special release by Hokuto Force they have finally released the port remake of the Konami classic from 1981, ' Frogger '.  Now known as ' Frogger Arcade ' and remade for the C64 by Inyaksa, with music by Snabel, Graphics by Alias Medron, Inyaksa and linking by The Overkiller is now more in line with the Arcade version unlike the original game. It features a top quality tape loader and screen, high quality C64 graphics, smooth controls and true to form Arcade game play which makes this a great Christmas release

X-bEnCh 1.00 - One of the best Amiga launchers gets a pre-Christmas release

If you have an Amiga with an internal CF drive or any other way of playing whdload games such as through Emulation like WinUAE, then this may be the software that your Amiga thanks you for. Although there are other OS utilities to play Amiga games such as AG-launch and Igame, they don't have the sparkle and flare that X-Bench does, which is not just an Amiga game launcher but it has many other cool features as well that make this an incredible pre-Christmas release.

A1200.Net compatible Keycaps for Amiga computers is a Kickstarter success!

It's with great pleasure and excitement to announce A1200.net's Kickstarter campaign for the Amiga keycaps is now a Kickstarter success! What that means is after the very successful crowd funding campaign for the latest Amiga cases also by A1200.net, which gave you a choice of wicked case colours such the special perks by Scoopex and Skidrow, you'll now be able to make the case complete with a brand new set of coloured keycaps! So basically no longer will you have to put up with a yellow Amiga, nor will you have to hard mod your case to fit accessories or worry about a dodgy respray job.

The Bear Essentials - Family friendly C64 platformer is now available for FREE!

We've already mentioned this game before pre-release but today as a Christmas Eve special, Graham Axten with publishing by Pond Software 2016, has released The Bear Essentials for the C64. If you have a young family or just want something charmingly cute to play, then check out this game and play as a lovable bear. Your task is to help the big bear collect all the fruit before winter begins. It features 60 enemy types in over 60 screens spread across 6 unique areas, with both music and sound effects playing at the same time!

Easter Egg - Enjoyable high grade platformer updated for the Amiga

The games just keep on coming and more so Amiga ones, as Per-Ola Eriksson has contacted us about a rather lovely looking game called Easter Egg that has been updated for 2016. Developed in backbone with soundtrack by Andrzej Drozd and graphics by Czeslaw Mnich, Easter Egg is an enjoyable yet challenging 2D arcade game where you play as the role of a chick through 31 levels, collecting eggs and avoiding enemies. Although the demo version was launched in 2014, this latest one features grass, ice and lava stages!

Yogi 3 - Yog's Big Clean Up - Cleaned and released for C64 after more than 20 years

Games That Weren't have completed the hatrick of Ash & Dave cartoon licences which were scrapped or lost in the early 1990s. Yogi's Big Clean Up has been recovered and completed and is available now at Games That Weren't. The game was victim to Hi-Tec Software's demise as 8 bit software houses either transitioned to 16 bit computers and consoles or fell by the wayside. Incomplete and without even a soundtrack or a way to transition levels, this game was doomed... Until Martin Pugh picked the source code and spent the last year producing this fully playable Yogi platform adventure.

Barbarian - A head chopping review on the ZX Spectrum

As it's Christmas, what better to celebrate the festivities by looking at a game where the main character looks like Jesus? Albeit with rather large sword in hand rather than that bread he made once. Not only is the Jesus reference valid, but also what better way to relate to Christmas than with a bit of violence? There's always a war film on at Christmas, a Bond film or failing that, there's always a bit of a scuffle with family members after one too many sherries. Or is that just my house?

Heroes Rescue - Amstrad platforming homebrew is now on the ZX Spectrum

During 2016 we've been featuring including a big preview, of Defecto Digital's homebrew platformer ' Heroes Rescue ' for the Amstrad CPC. It was by the same developer who also released ELF, an adventure game based on the arcade version released by Ocean Software in 1992. Developed using AGD, in Heroes Rescue you play as the lovable character FRY from Futurama and must rescue all the famous heroes from well known Cartoons such as Marvel, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Turtles and yes even Futurama. An overall nice game, has once again appeared but this time all the lovable characters have been transferred over to the ZX Spectrum!

Caren and the Tangled Tentacles 2 - An incredible C64 adventure gets a sequel tease

For many months now we have been discussing the brilliant Caren and the Tangled Tentacles on the C64 by Oliver Lindau , Martin Wendt and Kamil Wolnikowski. It was released as a downloadable 1.1 version, and then later as an exclusive limited Caren and the Tangled Tentacles V1.3. Which meant that many of us didn't get the chance to play the gorgeous final build. But now we have even better news as Caren and the Tangled Tentacles 2 has been officially announced!

VICE Version 3.0 - The Versatile Commodore Emulator with a big release!

The shockingly brilliant Amiga emulator WinUAE wasn't the only software that had a big final build today, as the versatile Commodore emulator ' VICE ' is now at version 3.0. Now many of you have seen all of our C64 game updates, well this is the software we used for both play testing and usable screenshots. In actual fact VICE runs on many different operating systems including Unix and emulates the C64DTV, the C128, the VIC20, practically all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610/C510). No wonder it is called the versatile Commodore emulator.So read below and check out the changelog, this is a highly recommended download for all 8-bit gamers!

The Bear Essentials - A rather lovely looking C64 platformer coming Christmas Eve!

The time has just gone past 1am and I'm nearly ready for bed, but I thought I'd mention a rather lovely platformer called ' The Bear Essentials ' that is coming to a C64 near you this Christmas Eve. Developed by Graham Axten, The Bear Essentials is a fun for all the family experience and your task is to help the big bear collect all the fruit before winter begins. It will feature 60 enemy types in over 60 screens spread across 6 unique areas, with both music and sound effects playing at the same time!

Jan Zeleny's Mashinky - Train Tycoon Sim aims for greenlight success and gets early access date

Mashinky has had more than 7 years in development as a side project from Mafia II,III and DayZ developer Jan Zeleny and after reaching the top 100 listings and heading towards a successful Steam Greenlight campaign on Steam, Jan hopes to make it a spiritual successor to Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon series and Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon with plenty of expansive new features to bring the genre bang up to date.

WinUAE 3.4.0 Final - The best Amiga Emulator with a BIG pre-Christmas special

After many months of beta updates with a ton of fixes and improvements, today is the day that Toni Wilen has released a brand new WinUAE version 3.4.0 with a brand new website. This is by far the best version of the Amiga emulator so far, as it features new graphics adaptors such as the ColorBurst. Accelerator boards such as the Blizzard 1230 MK II and III, new HD Controllers and Network adaptors, American Laser Games arcade game hardware support and even a large list of new updates including reduced input latency. In all this is probably one of the biggest feature packed releases we've seen for a good few years, so if you have love the Amiga way of life and want to play Amiga games on your computer or install an Amiga OS, you can do no wrong with WinUAE

Railroad Baron Famicom Boardgame on the NES is now in English

As it's nearly Christmas most of you lucky ones have probably got a lot of people coming over for a family get together, or mates round for a quick booze up. So you'll probably need something fun to play that isn't just your usual online Call of Duty frenzy via your Xbox one. So here we have Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame, aka Railroad Baron for the NES, which is a 4 player game that has been fully translated into English by Jink640, MrRichard999 and Proveaux.

Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga CD32 - A fantastic Amiga port now features The Lost Level

As if this week couldn't any better as once again we are mentioning the Sega CD exclusive ' Heart of the Alien ' which recently appeared on the Amiga as an incredible port known as ' Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga V1.0, and also unofficially on the Amiga CD32 as Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga CD32. But this time not only has the port gone through a number of testing phases, but it is now available as what should be the final version, which includes a rather special addition.

Press Play On Pad - The Demoscene collection for the Amiga CD32

After every Christmas some people make New Years resolutions, and mine is to get an Amiga CD32 because there have been so many releases for the system such as this one by Cobe ' Press Play on Pad : The Demoscene Collection ' that now is the right time to get one. In actual fact with all the games we've been getting this new addition to the library makes the package pretty much complete, especially as it features 32 wicked demoscene productions on a single disc, almost all AGA titles!

Tempest Elite - Dave Theurers 1980's shooter is coming to the Atari 8-bit

Possibly the last news of the day as I seriously need a break, is the latest news from the Atari 8-bit community, is Dave Theurers tube based shooter ' Tempest ' which is coming to the Atari 8-bit as Tempest Elite. First released in 1981 on the Arcades, Tempest was released by Atari Inc and puts you in control of a claw like spaceship blasting enemies on a three-dimensional surface, divided into multiple segments or lanes. A great game for its time that's still worth playing today, is going to be released on the Atari 8-bit as an Elite edition with many more levels and changes including up to 24 lanes, that can be opened or closed with many different shapes.

AlarCity - Action based shooter by Pixelglass gets a pre-order announcement!

2016 is certainly one to remember for all the best retro gaming goodness, and it hasn't finished yet. As PixelGlass has announced the pre-order for their upcoming intensive action based game ' AlarCity ', which has been teased a good few times now via our Commodore Amiga Facebook group. Classed as their most daring top down shooter on the Amiga in recent years, this fine looking game featuring smooth 50hz 8 way scrolling, will be coming exclusively to all AGA Amigas, such as the CD32, A1200 and A4000 in Q3 of 2017.

Chibi Akuma(s) - A mad bullet hell shooter heading to the Amstrad CPC

You've got waves of enemies appearing at you from all sides, and there's so many damn bullets you don't know which way to turn. It just has to be a bullet hell shooter, which is coming to the Amstrad CPC developed by keith56 and called Chibi Akuma(s). Announced just recently, this game is going to be heavily inspired by Death Smiles with a horror overtone, it will feature 4 unique levels, different enemies and styles and level bosses all in a 4 color mode 1 with CPC plus sprites!

Whales Voyage 2 - The sequel to a great Amiga game gets an English translation [UPDATE]

And here we go again with yet more Amiga news, especially if you like a mix of adventuring, crawling and space travel all blended up into a lovely sci-fi mix. As thanks to the original translators and of course DamienD we now have a fully translated English release of the German game Whale's Voyage 2 available for download as an updated HDF file for Amiga users! This is the sequel to the fantastic game Whale's Voyage 1 developed by neo Software Productions.

Pentagorat 2016 - An isometric adventure launched for the Commodore VIC-20

We are turning back the clock even further now away from the Amiga and looking towards the Commodore VIC-20 for our gaming fix, as Misfit has made available his homebrew isometric adventure game ' Pentagorat 2016 ' for the VIC-20. Released as a short game with a similar design style to that of Head over Heels. You play as a strange looking black creature who wakes up and can't remember exactly where he is, although all we know is he is a prisoner of the castle of Pentagorat!

OnEscapee AGA - Another World/Flashback style game fully patched for Amiga [UPDATE]

If you've been following our gaming news lately, especially if you have ever owned an Amiga then you would've already come across the fantastic release of the SEGA CD-Amiga conversion of the Another World sequel known as ' Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga V1.0, and the more recent release 'Another World - Lost Levels'. However there is another game out there that stands out in the Another World/Flashback style of gameplay and that is ' OnEscapee ' AGA by Sadeness Software, which this week been unofficially re-released by DamienD as a complete patched HDF file.

Dizzy X - Journey to Russia - A very Dizzy AGE remake is now available to play!

Oh joy of joys guess who's back? It's that lovable character Dizzy, who's once again staring in his very own story for kids and adults to enjoy from around the world, and not just in Russia. This is Dizzy X - Journey To Russia, a brand new fan remake by VK007 of the rather unknown ZX Spectrum of the same name originally developed by Sergey Gorshkov in 1994, and part of a long list of unofficial Russian Dizzy games such as Dizzy Y: Return to Russia; Dizzy 8' Dizzy 'A'; Dizzy 'B'; and Drunk Dizzy.

MS-DOS Games in 1991 - A retro trip back in time by DOS Nostalgia

When I was growing up I used to love playing games such as Dizzy on my Amstrad and then much later the Amiga spending entire summer holidays on games such as Dragons Breath, Deuteros and Monkey Island on my Amiga 500. What a golden era of gaming, that for its time couldn't be beat, at least not until MS-DOS came about anyway especially with all those incredible titles that were to follow. I mean seriously, getting a 386 or a 486 from your dad with a turbo button and playing Strike Commander or Lands of Lore with fully digitised speech was a joy to behold! Thus in celebration of some of those MS-DOS games, DOS nostalgia has done an hour length video featuring MS-DOS games from 1991.

8-bit Music - The best of 8-bit retro music on your Android device!

In truth I can honestly say I'm not a fan of downloading and testing apps out on a mobile or tablet. Many of them feel really cheap and tatty and usually contain a ton of in-app purchases that makes you wonder why you even attempted that download in the first place. Hence why I very rarely mention them on this site. But today I happened to come across an App that I think many of you Android users might just like. It's called 8-bit music and allows you to play lots of different retro gaming based music channels directly through your phone!

Oh Mummy! - One of my childhood Amstrad games, comes to the Intellivision!

One of my favourite Amstrad games ' Oh Mummy! ' has appeared again but not as a HD remake but this time the game has been ported over to the Intellivision. Oh Mummy! in my opinion was and still is one of the best games on the Amstrad from 1984 and published by none other than Amsoft, a well known publisher for the Amstrad computer. So you can see why I'm just that little bit excited to try out this game on the Intellivision thanks to a heads up by RVG and development by nanochess.

Unknown Realm - This RPG via Kickstarter for C64 and PC looks gorgeous!

In the 80's many of us had the pleasure of playing Ultima IV on the C64, it was arguably one of the best RPG's ever released for the Commodore and featured a top down playing field with lush landscapes, dungeons to explore, characters to traverse with and many enemies to fight. It was no wonder that many would class the 80's to the 90's as the golden age of RPG's and that's before the love of the first person dungeon crawler came to fruition. So now as a complete shock and amazement to many of us, Stirring Dragon Games has launched their Kickstarter on C64 and PC for ' Uknown Realm '; a brand new RPG that not only looks amazing but takes us back to the golden age of RPG's.

ZX Spectrum Games Code Club - Special Spanish Edition is coming!

In 2015 Florinthedwarf did a big review write up of Gary Plowman's fabulous coding book ' ZX Spectrum Games Code club ', which is a top quality guide in programming in BASIC on the ZX Spectrum, just as many people did way back in the 80's and still do today. In actual fact the book included twenty BASIC games for you to type-in and enjoy. After each program, the book explains in great detail, how each element of the game works and much more to make this a worthy purchase at least for people who understand the English language. So today I've just been told by Gary, he is going to be launching the ZX Spectrum Games Code Club - Special Spanish Edition!

Dreamworld Pogie - A 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins gets a Kickstarter

Well this news came as a complete surprise to us, as once again The Oliver Twins has found a game in their rather large and mysterious attic, Dreamworld Pogie. Now many of you may remember Wonderland Dizzy being found as a source code and graphics on a once long lost floppy disk, that needed a ton of work to get it to a final state. But I bet you haven't heard of Dreamworld Pogie! That's because this lovable looking arcade platformer was going to be another side step away from the Dizzy franchise and was due to be released on the NES, but sadly never happened at least until now.

Ace Combat 3 - A grand English translation released for a Playstation 1 game

Thanks to a heads up by our good friend VizionGamer via our twitter feed, we have learnt of the release of the English translation for Ace Combat 3 on the Playstation 1 by Team NEMO. You probably haven't heard of this game before, that's because the better version was released in Japan in 1999 as Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere; an arcade air combat game by Namco. The problem was with the game and according to romhacking, the original story was altered and the characters were cut from the NTSC-U and PAL regions. Now thanks to Team Nemo the original Japanese game is back as it should be, but this time all 52+ missions are now in English!

Another World - The Lost Level - An incredible game gets a special addition by Earok!

Another World the platformer classic also known as Out Of This World and released across more than a dozen platforms since its 1991 debut, attained this cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike for its cinematic effects in the graphics, sound and cut scenes.  It was also one of the best retro games from the Amiga 500 and it wasn't until this year, the sequel on the SEGA CD was ported over to the Amiga as an incredible port known as ' Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga V1.0'. But today we are going to get even further for the original, as Earok has made available the Another World - Lost Level for the Amiga, which originally was part of the DOS library.

Crappy Crates - A very festive ZX Spectrum Review by Steve Trower

Well it's almost Christmas, and you know what that means, right? You got it, it means there's some poor chav working overtime in a warehouse somewhere, possibly for a company with a river-based name, we don't know. He's constantly shuffling boxes from remote corners of a warehouse into the despatch area, while being chased by giant Christmas puddings, weird little aliens and that big blue monster out of Sesame Street, mumbling something about crappy crates while his supervisor is out of earshot.