Ace Combat 3 - A grand English translation released for a Playstation 1 game

Thanks to a heads up by our good friend VizionGamer via our twitter feed, we have learnt of the release of the English translation for Ace Combat 3 on the Playstation 1 by Team NEMO. You probably haven't heard of this game before, that's because the better version was released in Japan in 1999 as Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere; an arcade air combat game by Namco. The problem was with the game and according to romhacking, the original story was altered and the characters were cut from the NTSC-U and PAL regions. Now thanks to Team Nemo the original Japanese game is back as it should be, but this time all 52+ missions are now in English!

Ace Combat 3 is notable for its branching story-line spread across two discs, 5 different endings, high-quality graphics, a futuristic soundtrack and, last but not least, anime cut-scenes by Production I.G (Patlabor 2, Ghost in the Shell). The first mission features localization work done by Guest Localizer Agness Kaku (Metal Gear Solid 2, D2).
  • This is an English translation patch for Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere for the Playstation
  • The patch is in the xdelta format. Use xdeltaUI or DeltaPatcherLite in order to patch your copy of the game.
  • If using xdeltaUI, the MD5 checksum (see below) must match or it won’t apply the patch. As an alternative, you can try DeltaPatcherLite with “Checksum validation” unchecked.
  • Fully working with PS1 emulators, both accurate and enhanced. Also compatible with actual PlayStation consoles.
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