HeliCommander - Action game inspired by Choplifter coming to the Atari 8-bit

The above screenshot might not like much (it is only from a 240p video the developer uploaded), but this is the first tease for a new game peteym5 is developing called ' HeliCommander ' inspired by the arcade version of Choplifter and the Activision game Chopper Command. According to peteym5 this side scrolling shooting game will be coming to the Atari 400/800/XL and XE and will be available on cartridge, with system requirements of a standard Atari 8-bit computer. It does not use RAM under ROM so it will work on a 48K 400/800 or a 16K stock 600XL.

As of yet we don't have a lot of detail to go on as it is in an early stage of development, but it does have parallax scrolling, which the creator says creates a nice 3D effect on the game screen. Once we know more we will let you know :)

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