Bomb Jack DX C64 - C64 classic overhauled is looking seriously good

Seeing as my brain hasn't completely shut down I can still remember in the late 80's on my Amstrad CPC 464 playing the brilliant Arcade port ' Bomb Jack '. It is a game that required you the player to high jump and float about getting rid of all the bombs on the screen before they are used to blow up historic places of interest, which is made more difficult by the enemies on screen. It was such a good game that sadly many felt the C64 version could've been so much better, and thanks to Retrofan and his overhaul, this latest Bomb Jack DX C64 version is looking just that.

As mentioned by Retrofan via the main forums, Bomb Jack DX is a complete new port of the popular 80's arcade game to the Commodore 64. Already from the previous beta 3 we saw last year, the game has come along even further, with not just complete redone music and sound effects by OneBitman. But also flap sounds, a high score screen, repaired dead-scene, new start position, nicer life-counter icons, better bonus counter figures, new characters in border sprites, no pixel flashing and better enemy AI which is still being worked on.

All in all Bomb Jack DX C64 is looking to be the best 8-bit version of Bomb Jack by far!

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