PAULA POWERED LEVEL UP - A wicked Music CD featuring an Amiga 1200 is coming 1st May 2017!

Music listeners and Amiga retro gamers alike, ready your CD players. As PAULA POWERED is preparing the launch of their very first CD: A 5-track EP called “LEVEL UP”, which is coming 1st May 2017. Described as a Digital Punk bonanza, mixing 80's retro sound into the 21st century where punk, pop and electro influences are mixed with old video games sounds. PAULA POWERED LEVEL UP doesn't just feature the vocals from one of our own special Commodore Amiga moderators Sally Ann, but Guitar and Programming by Syvlain de ST Pierre AND an original Amiga 1200!

According to the British-French-Digital trio this CD represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new adventure, going way back to 2010 with their very first track of Hazy Crazy, wrote by PAULA POWERED during the Christmas period. This latest album features many of the tracks such as ' Type Anything to Start ', which have not only been re-recorded, but re-mixed and remastered and in their words " Demonstrates how their sound has evolved since their early days ".

An exclusive never seen before video by PAULA POWERED!

Oh and as their fans have been asking for years for a CD, finally the realisation has come about and if you can wait till the 1st of May, you'll finally be able to listen to what could be an awesome album indeed! - also available on over 150 digital distribution and streaming platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and Spotify

Find PAULA POWERED on-line:
Links : 1) Bandcamp  2) Facebook  3) Youtube 4) Twitter 

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