PAULA POWERED LEVEL UP - Classy Music CD featuring an Amiga 1200 gets a limited edition Vinyl

You may remember our exclusive heads up and video tease regarding Paula Powered's 5 track album ' LEVEL UP ', which was described as a Digital Punk bonanza, mixing 80's retro sound into the 21st century where punk, pop and electro influences are mixed with old video games sounds. Well after already announcing the 1st of May 2017 release date, it looks as if certain lucky people are already getting limited edition Vinyl's, which came as a complete shock to us, especially as we didn't get one AND it appeared before their official release date.

I immediately contacted the group's singer Sally Ann and asked her what was going on and why Indie Retro News wasn't included in this seriously cool limited edition.

This is all she had to say in her defence:

“Well, the fact we'd made a vinyl copy was supposed to be a secret.  We started talking about our
EP to close friends in the Amiga and retro communities and I kept receiving messages and emails
asking for a vinyl version.  We looked into the costs and, to be totally honest, could only afford to
do a VERY small production:  Not enough to promote publicly unfortunately, only enough for a
very small circle of friends.”

This came as a bit of a shock as IRN was one of the first to plug the album, and spread the news far and wide. So to continue the debate we pushed for a little bit more info.

“I'm really upset with some of my community friends because this pressing was only for a select few and the fact that there aren't any left has upset a lot of people.  But, hey, you know the Amiga community … nothing stays secret for very long

And so there you have it, there is a limited edition Vinyl out there of Paula Powered's Level Up, and if we try hard enough, we might get one ;)

Links : 1) Bandcamp  2) Facebook  3) Youtube 4) Twitter

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