Necrocosmos - 16-bit style action puzzler looks for kickstarter funding

Necrocosmos is a pretty, 8/16-bit inspired and styled bullet hell shooter/run'n'gun/puzzle'em up space metroidvania style adventure. Yeah that's right, Andromeda Project aims to fuse all these styles into one grand homage to the golden era of gaming, and from the looks of it, they have a good chance to pull it off!

His ambitious project utilities the DNA gun to collect and combine an arsenal to defeat individual enemies at their biological weak point. In fact Necrocosmos is a fantastic looking game and deserves every success. They are looking to raise 45,000€ which is not a ridiculous amount to try and find for a game with decent production that's aiming to run on PC, Mac, Linux and consoles.

Back them at kickstarter:
or check out their homepage with playable demo (windows, linux):

- Article by @ABrugsch

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