Rescuing Orc - Juan J. Martinez's lovely C64 and 128 game is coming August 23rd!

Juan J. Martinez (@reidrac on twitter) the same person behind the excellent Magica on the Amstrad, has been mentioning his latest in development game of ' Rescuing Orc ' for the C64, as we've just learnt this rather fab game is not only being teased in a new trailer but it has once again been announced as coming August 23rd for digital download/disk and in October for the spiffy cartridge edition!

As we said before you play as a well armed goblin who is on a quest to find out what has happened to his best friend Orc who didn't show up for tea for a couple of weeks! The game will feature 5 amazing areas to explore, 12 different type of enemies to fight, a decent story, and a loading screen by the artist Vanja Utne!

Game Testers : Antxiko, José María Velo, Fran Loscos, Rob Caporetto, Ant Stiller, Graham Axten and Roy Fielding

Links : 1) Website  2) Collectors Edition

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